We’re back home at last from our 5-weeks child-ending adventure. We have rested a few days, done the household chores that needed to be done after a long absence, paid bills, and caught up on 700+ e-mails.

I have to admit that another reason for my absence from posting lately is a certain loss of enthusiasm. I have 300 posts over four and a half years, and some readers may think that I have run out of things to say along with needing some new recipes. But the main reason I have been a little quiet is receiving a couple of snarky comments that made me wonder, at my age, if I really need that. The way I look at it, if you don’t like my blog, just don’t read it. After some soul-searching, I have decided to write at least a few more posts. To do otherwise would let the boo-birds win, and I have never been inclined to do that.


This post is to thank all of our children for their gracious ways of thanking my wife and me for our efforts.

The Los Angeles family made a point to go to a nice restaurant. Unfortunately, I missed the event so there are no images of food, but they took my wife to Bashi, the Asian-inspired restaurant at Terranea Resort. It has a wonderful ocean view, great service, a lovely dining space and delicious food. The only thing I can report is that they had a great time.

The San Francisco family made sure we had an evening at Rich Table. Evan was cooking that evening, so he pulled out all the stops. The list of things he sent out included:

Sarah’s popular fennel pollen levain served with house-cultured butter. The warm slabs of bread smeared with a delicious butter could be a meal by themselves.

An amuse that was just a bite, but a delicious bite.


Octopus with grapefruit, hearts of palm, and sansho pepper.


Oysters on the half shell with charred corn mignonette. Rich Table oysters always come well-scrubbed so there are no fragments of shells that you often encounter at some of the best seafood restaurants.


Avocado, sea urchin, fermented jalapeño, prawn crackers. I couldn’t even think of such a combination of flavors, but it definitely worked.



“Green juice” granite, avocado mousse, Stobe fruit, and brown butter ice cream.


Scallops, sweet potato, red curry, macadamia nut, brown rice. Again, a combination that defied our imagination. The predominant flavor, of course, was the sweet scallops.


Grilled rib-eye with roasted cauliflower, almond, and sake lees. The steak is heavily marbled with a lot of fat. Whatever you do, don’t cut off the fat, but pop it in your mouth. The fat has absorbed all of the other flavors and just melts away as a delicious extra treat.


A dessert of sweet corn pot de creme with creme fraiche, strawberries, and lemon crumble. A little vegetal, but surprisingly sweet and refreshing.


The Silicon Valley family sent us some beautiful artisanal chocolates and a beer mug from Prague where our daughter-in-law had gone to a business meeting.


All of that was so unnecessary because taking care of the kids was gift enough, but it made us feel truly thanked and truly blessed.



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  1. Darryl, it truly saddens me to hear that you’ve been the recipient of some rude comments. I dearly love reading your blog and continue to learn so much from you! You have been so encouraging from the very beginning my blogging adventure, and I want to sincerely thank you for that and for the time you put into your wonderful posts!
    I sincerely hope you will continue posting — I for one would greatly miss hearing from you!
    I’m so glad you and your wife had a lovely visit with your family! The photos are wonderful — everything looked very delicious! (especially the rib-eye steak!)
    ~ Anna

    • Thanks, as always, for your kind comments. I am going to keep writing. I’m really too old to let unkind folks get under my skin. Best wishes. Look forward to more of your posts.

      • I’m so delighted you’re going to keep writing, Darryl! Yours blog is definitely one of my very favorites, and I look forward to your future posts as well! Best wishes, dear friend!

  2. What a beautiful way to say thank you to to your family. They will be delighted to know they have pleased you. I do read and enjoy your blogs although your continued word scholarship sends me to the dictionary. I know you and your family and enjoy being in touch. Even I can see the growth you make in photography and writing.
    Reggie Graves

    • Thank you, Reggie. I so appreciate your friendship. I have recently written a little piece about you and our food travels. I will share it with you as soon as I get my computer back from the computer hospital.

  3. Kay Greene

    Dear Darryl, Where would I be without your blog? I go to it not only for recipes but to also learn about the places you visit. Both are very engaging
    and inspiring, so please just let whatever critical remarks some people have had the bad taste to make, just roll off your back realizing there are more of us who truly appreciate the effort you put into each and every blog.

    • Kayce, thanks so much for your kind comment. I treasure your readership, your comments – including those at the weekly wine tasting – and your friendship. We need to work on ur reading project. Good wishes.

  4. As you might have noticed I have missed you allot! When you came by my blog I asked hey where are you? I popped over several times to see if you posted anything! I really value you and your wonderful blog! I love hearing about your family adventures and your cooking! The last post about the amazing pie has stuck with me. I will say most people I have met are amazing but I have had a couple of snarky comments as well and so I started making the comments needing approval. I don’t care what people say but it is a downer when you are doing your best to be a good person. I hope you continue to post! I honestly love your blog but I love the warm feeling I get hearing about your family and all that you do!! Much love to you and the “pie lady” Love Lynn

    • Thanks, Lynn, for your supportive comment and for your useful suggestion. I agree that I have “met” so many great people – like you – with the blog. They are what makes it worthwhile. I am old enough and come from a background where snarky comments were often the rule. By now I should have developed a thicker skin. I guess one never does. I hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

  5. Please don’t stop blogging! Your posts are always interesting and informative, and I’d miss them very much.

  6. Thank you, Diane, for your generous comment. Blogging friends like you are among the most satsfying reasons to blog. All good wishes.

  7. Tom Maresca


    Illegitimis non carburundum est was my motto for years of university teaching, especially when I would read a teacher evaluation from some 19-year-old near-illiterate, who missed more classes than s/he attended, who opined that I didn’t care about students, didn’t know how to teach, and had no knowledge of the subject matter. Snarks and petty backbiters have really come out of the woodwork on the internet, and they are sapping the energy of too many good people like you who are only trying to communicate and share some of the pleasure they take in their daily lives. That’s too good a task to let them bother you. I’m looking forward to reading your culinary adventures for a long time to come.


    • Thank you, Tom. I am also a retired university professor, so I should have gotten used to negative critiques by now. I even got a bad student evaluation for a course I didn’t even teach! The anonymity of the internet has certainly fostered bad behavior and, I’m afraid, coarsened our whole society. I plan to keep writing.All good wishes.

  8. Darryl,
    First of, kudos to you for not letting them get to you and blogging a post today. The pen is always mightier then the sword. I have always enjoyed your posts and your family stories. I hope you will continue. Have a great weekend:-)

    • Thanks, Nandini. I always enjoy learning about Goa. My daughter and son-in-law were scheduled to visit when they cooked in Mumbai but were unable to go. They were very disappointed. Maybe they’ll be invited back. Warmest regards.

  9. skd

    First of all… Welcome back. We have all been missing your presence. I kept scrolling and looking for your posts and comments on my reader and notifications panel and honestly felt disappointed at not finding them. I am a huge fan of your posts and kind words of motivation.I want to thank you for that.
    Secondly, God bless! you have an awesome loving family. Their sweet gestures were very touching.
    And now for those rude people who have no business other than to demotivate successful people.One message to them ….’Just shut up.We don’t need you around here’. This is a family blog and if I may add ‘family and friends blog’
    I sincerely hope you are not going to let them have their way and gloat over the success of their mission.
    Please post double the number of what you would generally do.

  10. Thanks for your warm comment. I am glad that all of the special, kind folks like you far outweigh the few negative ones. That’s what makes blogging fun. Best wishes to you.

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