On July 16, 2011 I published my first post on From the Family Table. It was about a fresh green pea soup made with pea pod stock. So, this is the fifth anniversary of my blog. During that time I have published 353 posts and nearly as many recipes. Looking back on that first effort I am struck by the amateurish image and the clumsy narrative. I think – at least I hope – that things have gotten better.

Five years ago my two daughters were at low points in their careers, and so I thought that working together on a cookbook might give them a break that they needed. We agreed on cooking with corn as a theme as there didn’t seem to be any books quite like that. (I soon discovered that the premise was wrong.) I started reading about the history of corn and collecting recipes from wherever I could find them, including the original editions of the Boston Cooking School Cookbook (by Fannie Farmer) and the Joy of Cooking. I learned a great deal. Cornbread alone provides enough material for a thick cookbook. In fact, it already has – several times.

In the meantime, the careers of both girls took off. Sarah became caught up in opening a new restaurant, and now she’s working on her own cookbook. Carol took on added responsibilities in her office, and now she is busy and happy with family and professional activities. Needless to say, their interest in the cookbook project faded. At the same time I was buying and reading books on food styling, food photography, and book publishing. One of the books made a strong recommendation that in this modern world a blog was required for recognition. Recognition, of course, was needed to provide credibility with editors and publishers. I had visions of book contracts, photo shoots,  and maybe even a TV spot or two.

Five years have passed, and to date nothing has happened with the corn cookbook,  I don’t have any book contracts, nor have I gotten any solicitations from the Food Network. What I have gotten is a lot of satisfaction in writing and imaging  the food that I make or enjoy in a restaurant. More importantly, I have made friends all over the world. And even though I have never met most them, I have gotten to learn about their families and their adventures, marvel at their cooking skills, and share in some of the joys – and disappointments – that go with living life. I’d like to thank all of them – I wish I could do it personally – for their readership, their gracious comments, and their generosity.

I’m not sure how much longer I can think of new things to write about. It gets harder the longer I write and the older I get. But I’ll keep doing it as long as I continue to enjoy it. Thanks again to all of my internet friends. I plan to celebrate the day with cake and candles. Oh, and maybe a glass of nice wine while I sit in my back yard and enjoy the sunset.



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26 responses to “FIVE YEARS AND COUNTING

  1. Congratulations! 5 years of blogging is fantastic! But more impressively thank you for sharing your journey, revealing vulnerability to show your progress along the way, and your support to us newbies. I’ve been away for a while and haven’t been good about showing appreciation, but please know you are a respected mentor. 🙂

  2. Tom Maresca

    Complimenti, Daryll! Diane and I fully sympathize both with effort a good blog like yours takes and the pleasure it gives. We wish you many more: As my Italian ancestors would say, Cent’ anni di piu!

  3. sarahwrich

    What a great post, Dad!

  4. Kay Greene

    Absolutely amazing that it has been five years and also how your blog has evolved! I am in awe of your commitment to it. Many thanks for sharing your journey with us! Your sunset shots are beautiful!

  5. Huge congratulations Darryl! I’m a recent follower but have been very impressed with your blog. I hope you gain many more years of enjoyment from it.

  6. What a beautiful touching article Darryl. Please do not stop writing and taking those lovely photographs to share with all of us – it surely keeps you young (Younger 🙂 🙂 ) it works for me. There are blogs which are written from the heart and others are purely for commercial and moneytory reasons – but yours is written purely from your heart. Congratulation and enjoy your cake and wine. Salute. Carina x

  7. Happy 5th Anniversary! You are an inspiration and a joy to read. Keep up the good work.

  8. Wow what an amazing anniversary! Your blog is wonderful and brings us so many warm family memories and recipes. I love knowing about your girls and their life adventures! The corn cookbook sure was an idea and it’s so funny how our blogs begin and what they end up being! So glad we met!

  9. Thank you, Lynn. Another example of how our lives take twists and turns that we don’t anticipate – as you well know. I enjoy reading about your adventures.

  10. skd

    Congratulations Darryl! Five years is simply amazing. I love this blog and somehow it feels like family to me. You have spoken from the heart. Thanks to you and your daughters, we readers have benefited a lot . I wish you many more years of happy blogging and good health. #Respect

  11. I’m so sorry that I missed you auspicious day…congratulations! I think the same thing about how much longer I can write an interesting post after 5 years but they seem to come and I know you will too. I’ve enjoyed all your posts and recipes. I often mention you to my husband…after all, you have so many wonderful kitchen boy toys that I’m sure he wishes he had. 😀

  12. Such a wonderful post, Darryl, and congratulations on your 5th Blogiversary!! It is an absolute delight getting to know you and your family via your posts, and I have learned so much! 🙂

  13. Thank you, Anna. I continue to be amazed at how many electronic friendships – like yours – I have made with blogging.

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