Sometimes even the most dedicated cook – which is not me – feels like doing something out of the kitchen. That’s especially true when the weather has warmed up enough that you can sit outside but not so hot that you can’t. That’s right now around here. What makes it even better is that my dear spouse’s garden is bursting with flowers. My wife is a fan of irises. They are at their full blooming season and there are plenty of those in an amazing breadth of color. Susan also likes clematis and wild flowers. The columbines, primroses, wood roses, paintbrush, and penstemons have yet to hit their peak, so we can enjoy them all for another while. I hope you enjoy these images of the garden.



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4 responses to “SPRING INTERLUDE

  1. Kay Greene

    Darryl, Your photos of Susans’ flowers are wonderful! Congratulations to you both! Kayce

  2. Beautiful, thank you for sharing those lovely photos!

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