Yesterday I received a notice that I had just completed four years of blogging. That includes 276 posts. Honestly, I had never planned to go on that long, and I didn’t think that I would come up with that many things and recipes to write about. I’ve been averaging  about one and a third posts per week. For many of my blogging friends that’s not many, but for me it takes a lot of effort.

This blog just started out as a way to communicate with my family and a few friends, but it has evolved into a lot more. I have made friends around the world  who share an interest in food and photography. I have learned a lot about cooking and cameras, and I continue to be amazed at the wonderful recipes and images that the many talented bloggers produce.

Thanks to my followers. I enjoy your comments. Thanks to those I follow; I have enjoyed your insights. Thanks to those who just look in. You have helped sustain my enthusiasm.



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5 responses to “FOUR YEARS AND 276 POSTS

  1. Congratulations Darryl! Wishing you many more great years ahead in blogging 🙂

  2. Congratulations, keep on posting and have fun. Averaging one and one third posts is great.

  3. Carol

    Congratulations! What an impressive (and delicious and beautiful) achievement.

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