Oops! I am not having much luck with the internet these days. First I bought a new Netgear router for my home network. It worked like a charm until I discovered that it would not talk to WordPress. After several calls the Word Press people said it was not their problem. Then I called Netgear and spent two days talking with technicians in India. While they were friendly and tried to be helpful, they could not solve the problem.

We left for LA with my laptop in tow, only to discover that it no longer connected to the internet, and the repair would cost the same as a new computer.

Next, we went to our daughter’s house, and I tried to use her computer. Her router went down and had to be reinstalled. Then I tried to use my wife’s computer at the place we are renting. You guessed it – the router went down.

Now I am working from the only 3-prong plug available, sitting out in the bright sun. I couldn’t see the screen very well and wound up pressing”Publish” instead of “Update”.

As a result of all of this, my gumbo post got published without the images. I am giving it a second try.



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5 responses to “GUMBO – PART TWO: THE IMAGES

  1. Sympathy for your technical problems, Darryl! I do most of the inputting for my husband’s blog as well as my own, and I’ve twice now published a post of his with my name on it as author (since I was the one who uploaded the text to WordPress). Now I check sixteen times from Sunday to be sure I’ve remembered to scroll down and change the author field!

  2. Reggie Graves

    Darryl, your words gave a picture that had me smelling gumbo cooking. What a treat to read about family time that involves fixing a roux.

  3. Technical issues aside, the dish looks authentic and delicious, Darryl. Warm wishes, Shanna

  4. Darryl when I viewed your previous post the photos were there. Of course, you probably updated the post. 🙂 Oh the trials that electronics can bestow on us at the least opportune times.

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