Last evening we decided to walk across the arroyo in our back yard up to a hill where we could get a good view of “Super Moon” rising above the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Unfortunately, we got a great view of the plume of smoke from a forest fire that has been burning uncontrolled in the Pecos Wilderness for two weeks. No houses are threatened, but the Pecos is a beautiful and wild place that will undoubtedly be forever changed – at least for my lifetime – by this devastating fire. Our severe drought conditions make it likely that we will experience more forest fires this season.

The sunset over the Jemez Mountains was spectacular, so it was hard to figure how great the moon view would be. We took cameras, binoculars, ground cloth, tripod, and – thanks to my wife’s forethought – two glasses of port to toast the evening. We also had headlamps for the return walk across the arroyo.



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9 responses to “SUPER MOON IN SANTA FE

  1. How beautiful,Darryl! Thank you for posting.

  2. Lynne

    The heartbreak and beauty of our natural environment so beautifully articulated. Thank you Darryl for including details such as; two glasses of port and, crossing an arroyo by headlamp light.

  3. We had no chance of seeing the super moon over here – not because of wildfires – just cloud, and plenty of it. Another British summer!

  4. I’m sorry that your area is being affected by the terrible fires. I certainly can’t complain about all the rain we have been having so that we couldn’t see the beautiful moon…it isn’t destroying the beautiful countryside.

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  6. I live here in Santa Fe by the way!

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